Patch No Animal Testing Spot targetting

over zit spot patches (30 patches total, 15 patterned, 15 sheer)


Each pimple patch is made with a hydrocolloid and is designed to absorb fluid in the affected area, which provides a protective healing environment and helps lead to the happier skin. There when you need them, and easily storable when you don’t, these overnight patches come in two sizes to fit zits both big and small. Oh, and guess what? Like all of our other C&C by Clean & Clear products, these on-the-spot patches are never, ever tested on animals.

Recommended for: pimples size and redness

Claims: not tested on animals, gluten free, paraben free, soy free, sulfate free, synthetic color free, vegan

SKU: 1581370

64 product reviews

To Use:

  • start with Clean face & hands
  • peel patch away from backing, try not to touch the sticky side
  • remove Patch by slowly stretching from edge - Store unused patches in their sleeve

  1. zit reducer
    Posted by Zena on 23rd Dec 2018

    with a clear and clean face it helps a lot and with ingredients the patches has it helps to minimize zits

  2. Great Blemish Remover
    Posted by Addie on 23rd Dec 2018

    This Over Zit Spot Patches is great, I recently broke out all over my face and I put the patches on all my blemishes. When I woke up the next day my blemishes decrease in size and were less noticeable. I like this product for my blemishes because it doesn't burn like the liquid acne spot treatments. This product is amazing to use whenever a blemish appears on your face. I would definitely recommend this product to people with acne prone skin .

  3. Great skin care product
    Posted by Joanna on 23rd Dec 2018

    They are great! Fun design and really do work! Definitely will buy again

  4. Worked better than I thought they would!
    Posted by Christine on 23rd Dec 2018

    These actually worked a lot better than I thought they would. They help by taking extra fluid out of your skin around the problem area where you place it. It actually didn't take the pimple away or anything, but it greatly reduced the swelling. I put it on before I went to bed one night and left it on all night over a swollen area where a pimple was coming through, and by the morning all the swelling was gone and the bump was almost completely flat. The pimple was still there, it just helped speed the process up and it wasn't as big as it would've been. It helped to take the swelling away so that it wasn't painful and as noticeable. I looked at the price for these and they are a bit pricey, but after using them I would probably buy them again.

  5. Over zit spot patches
    Posted by Maira on 23rd Dec 2018

    The spot patches helped reduce the zit and overall cleared that area of my face.

  6. Clean & Clear acne patches
    Posted by Jennifer on 23rd Dec 2018

    The product overall is fine. I prefer the clear ones over the camouflage as it makes it easier to wear. There could be more details on how long patches should be worn to see the best results.

  7. Clean & Clear Over Zit Spot Patches
    Posted by Katie on 23rd Dec 2018

    Since I have very oily skin, I'm quite prone to getting acne, and I was very excited to sample Clean & Clear's Over Zit Spot Patches from Home Tester Club. After washing my face in the evening, I made sure not to apply any serum or moisturizer because the face has to be free from these things when you apply the patch. I applied the patches to areas where I saw I needed it most--my cheeks and forehead because that's where I breakout frequently. I left the patches sit on my face for the duration of the night, and I removed them in the morning. Overall, these patches were alright when it came to adhering to my face, and they helped reduce the redness of my pimples. I think I'd purchase these in the future because they were effective at reducing the size of my acne and helping my face look much cleaner.

  8. Acne thing
    Posted by Isabella on 23rd Dec 2018

    Its pretty good, not that bad of a product. Will probably buy again.

  9. Noticeable change!
    Posted by Emily on 23rd Dec 2018

    It was a good product, my only issue was that I had trouble keeping them on my face so I had to hold it on. I did see the redness and swelling had noticeably gone down after use

  10. maskoff
    Posted by Amanda on 23rd Dec 2018

    I think these are great. I have hormonal acne a lot so i think they should come up with large patches that go over your entire chin or cheeks for when you are having super breakouts. the smaller patched definitely worked over the break outs i had. i would recommend

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